Up Up & Moving Away!

Well everyone, that time has come. The time has come to move my blog off WordPress.com and host it, myself.

Hosting this blog on my own allows me to control part of the monetary costs of keeping this blog up and running and gives me a little more creative freedom. WordPress.com charges me $15 a year for the domain name, but gives me no flexibility to use subdomains, change the email server settings, etc.. and then, charges me $10 a year to edit the colors and styles of the WordPress theme used on my blog, but doesn’t allow me to import any theme I’d like and only lets me use the ones they’ve already uploaded.

So, I’m moving! I’ve already got the new blog up and running but I’m waiting for the transfer of UpUpAndAGay.com to be complete. Please continue to visit the blog through that website address, because that’s NOT changing. Once the transfer of the domain to my new server is complete, you’ll automatically be viewing my new self-hosted blog. Though my domain is staying the same, for some of you my feed may not be and I want to make sure you’re moving with me. Please update or subscribe to my RSS feed by visiting http://feeds.feedburner.com/upupandagay. Some of you already subscribe to my feed through this location (and if you do, thats great! leave everything the same!), and some of you follow me through WordPress.com’s feed which will be changing. If you subscribe to the blog via email, that’s great too! Click the link above, and you can confirm that you’re receiving your emails from the right location.

I predict that the domain transfer will be complete on February 17th, but that is out of my hands and subject to change. I’m hoping this will be a┬áseamless┬átransition on your end and not cause any downtime for my blog!

Thanks Everyone!


Single in the Sky

The past month has been rough to say the least. After coming back from vacation in the beginning of January my boyfriend and I decided it was time to end things.

Now, before you become sympathetic, let me tell you a little bit about what happened. Seb has a lot on his plate. He works practically full time, goes to school full time, must complete an internship this summer, and does not wish to remain in Phoenix after school, and is considering a move to Seattle. Maintaing and making a relationship work and exceed requires more time then he has at the current moment. We did not end things because of a dislike for each other, nor because we had an argument, but rather because he needed to focus on things more important in this time in his life.

I was supportive of this decision and fully understand the reasoning. I was a witness to his lack of time, increased stress and need for some downtime. In fact, I am so supportive that he and I still live together, as roommates and best friends, in an upgraded 2 bedroom apartment.

I tell you this because I made him an important role in this blog. When I started the ‘About the Blog’ section didn’t hide the fact that he, in fact, created the name “Up Up and a Gay” and he was the one who told me that I should pursue my dream to write for a living, and propelled me to start and continue with this blog.

Now, he still continues to do so, but in a different role. And, that’s okay.

Life, goes on.

Now, I’m single in the skies… and back in the dating game. A game don’t really enjoy. However, it can be quite comical for all of you, because now it gives me another chapter of my life that I can share with you on here. You won’t be finding the stories that Chelsea Handler shares about her sexcapades, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting nonetheless. Something I vow that you won’t see, if stories of me dating another flight attendant at my airline.

There’s something weird about dating another FA within the same company. I don’t know what it is.. but to me its just weird. What if you break up? what if it doesn’t work? what if after a big breakup you both must work a 4 day trip together? Too many “what if’s” and its not worth the drama and the rumors on the rumor mill that any airline runs on.

I think my breakup came at a good time in my life. Work is thriving (we’re getting pay raises this year..), I am officially based in Los Angeles effective March 2nd (bye bye San Francisco and Ground Delays!), I learned from my last relationship more about what I’m looking for and what is important within a relationship and finally, it’s a new year.. anything can happen.

In closing, thank you to those of you who are close to me and sent me messages after the breakup and offered a shoulder to lean on and thank you for continuing to read this blog! I am sorry I have been slacking this month with updating it, but between the break up and the move, in addition to changing my flying schedule around to accommodate both events, time escaped me. But restassured I’m back in full force, about to work a flight from Las Vegas to New York in about 4 hours, gearing up to capture the stories of the traveling public to share with you.