Live from the Line: LAX it is!

Well, my wish came true! I’m here on Los Angeles and I’m supposed to deadhead to Washington DC tomorrow morning. I, personally, don’t think that’s going to happen. I can’t believe how much snow their expecting and how much they’ve had already. The weather this year has been crazy! California has been flooded, Phoenix learned what rain is, and the east coast redefined the word “winter.”

DC is expecting over a foot of snow tonight into tomorrow, and my flight is supposed to depart at 7am. I wish they’d just release me and let me go home. But at the same time, today provides for some much needed catchup time with my friend Jenn, who I’m flying with and my friend Aimee, who just landed here in LA from…DC. She was lucky, she was the first and only flight out!

Well.. I’ll keep you updated.. this trip is full of surprises.


Live from the Line: It’s all up in the Air

So I’m in Seattle right now and was supposed to work to Los Angeles and then onto Washington DC tomorrow. But, that’s not happening anymore.

Thanks to the storm on the left, my schedule is up in the air, literally. My LAX DC flight is canceled so now I’m waiting for a re-assignment.

Who knows where I can end up.. I’m hoping to just work to LA, layover, then deadhead to DC to pick up the rest of my trip. Let’s hope that happens. Less work + same pay = Happy FA 😉

Live from the Line: Hands Down

I know a lot of you including @SkyVan on twitter wonder why I work New York – LA all the time, and its a simple reason really: No one senior to me wants to do it, so I always hold my first preference in New York trips. In essence that allows me to build my schedule the way I like it. Lately, the passengers have been better than they have been in the past. I’m in the middle of a four day trip right now and of course, just worked New York to LA and there was only two passengers who got on my nerves. Go figure they were traveling together.

Just after take off I went to the overhead bin where my bags were stowed to get my lunch bag when someone behind the bulkhead asked me if I had a blanket. Because of “swine flu” we no longer have blankets, so I apologized to her and told her that we do sell them though and that she was welcome to order one. While this conversation took place, the woman sitting in the middle seat behind the passenger who asked me for a blanket started waving her hand in my face to get my attention. She didn’t raise her hand, she didn’t ring the call button, she didn’t say excuse me; she instead waved her hand as close to my face as she could possibly get. In the middle of explaining to the lady why we had no blankets, I had to stop, turn to this woman and say “I’ll be with you in a minute” to have her reply “well, that was rude.”

I’m sorry, “I’ll be with you in a minute” was RUDE? Was your hand in my face NOT rude?

So, I brought my bag back to the galley then returned to this woman to see what she needed. She told me she was having a problem watching the inflight movie and that she couldn’t hear any audio. The reason why she couldnt hear any audio was because she plugged her headphones into her neighbors headphone jack. So, I pointed out the problem and went back to work.

Later, after doing a trash run, I was headed back to the galley when hands went flailing again as I walked past her row, this time she was thirsty and wanted something to eat. The flight attendants in the main cabin had just past her row and when asked if she wanted a beverage, she said no.  So I explained to her how cabin service worked, and got her a drink.

Mid-flight I was bringing a drink to someone in the main cabin, when she threw her hands in my face again. This time, I told her that I didn’t really appreciate that, and that she should use the call button. She waved her hands at me again and said “anyway..” and continued on with her request. This time she pointed at her travel partner in the window and said “he wants his light put on.” I looked at her in disbelief. She really waved me down to hit the reading light button. So I turned it on and left.

I understand that as passengers you might want the flight attendants attention for one reason or another, but please don’t be rude about it. Please realize there are 149 other people on the plane who also want/need something from us, so please ring the call button and get in line. Don’t throw your hands in my face, especially for things you can do yourself, like turning on a light. Thanks for reading my Rant!

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Live from the Line > Flight Trip Report: BOS-LAX

Bathrooms: DON’T SLAM THE DOOR! What’s with Boston folks SLAMMING the door closed when they exit or enter the lav? Trust me, it locks!

Sleeping: DON’T ORDER FOOD THEN FALL ASLEEP. First Class specifically, you, sir, placed your order with me for food and proceeded to tell me how hungry you were. I rush your food out to you, to find you SLEEPING. Seriously?!

Boarding: Yes, there is in fact people behind you, also with luggage. Don’t look back and hold up the line.. keep moving!

Complaints: Don’t complain to me that we “ran out of” a menu option when the option you’re complaining about wasn’t even offered on our flight PERIOD. Read the menu, specifically where it says “Westbound Flights ONLY”

Oh yeah, lastly, the headrests are NOT removable. Don’t try.

Lord.. and that was just BOS-LAX. Onward to JFK from LA!

Live from the Line: Would you like fries with that?

I’m back at work, hence this short update live from the line. I worked the red-eye to Washington DC last night and it had such a CRAZY group of people on board.

One, specifically, cracked me up so much I had to share.

We were light, 100 people, so we were sitting in the last row of seats snacking and this guy came to the back and started touching things on the galley counter. I jumped out of the seat and asked if there was anything I could get for him. He said “do you have chips” as he was touching my trailmix.

I said, yeah we have pringles you can buy. He said “no no, I want french fries”

My eyebrows raised as high as the empire state building as I looked over quickly to my other FAs sitting there laughing uncontrollably, and said “I’m sorry we don’t have french fries” he said “really? no fries” I said, thats right.. no fries.

He then said “okay how about pineapple juice” — then I lost it. I said to him “how did we just go from french fries to pineapple juice?, unfortunately, we don’t have pineapple we have apple, OJ, cranapple and tomato” and he said “pineapple.”

Finally, I pointed at the OJ and said: “How about OJ?” he agreed.

Later, one of my other FAs was doing a trash pickup.. and as she got to his row he stopped her. He opened up her trash bag, looked inside, touched some items and said “no thanks, I’m okay” — as if she was passing out free food/beverages from her trash bag!! I was on the floor laughing! She was so grateful I happened to be behind her and witnessed this because she said no one would have believed her if she re-told that story.

Weird people come out in the night!


Must Read Update for 8/9/09:

Flight Attendant
Must Read Notice

I’m starting a new category called “Live from the Line.” You saw it yesterday when I posted a picture of my RV before I left JFK. When I’m on a trip and updating the blog from my phone (my new TMobile G1) with photos and stuff happening “live” it’ll carry that title and category name. I think it’ll be fun for some of the non-FA readers to follow along on some of my trips and to keep you all updated when something is happening “now.”

RV Photos: Twitter and blogger friend skyhighboysyd posted his RV photo! I want to see more! Post them to your blog or send them in! I’ve seen some crazy bags out there in the airports and I know you’re probably trailing one of them! Let see what you take along with you.. if you’re brave enough.. open it up 😉 haha!

If you don’t want to post it to your blog or don’t have a blog, mail them to me:

If you have any questions about the above, please contact your supervisor.

Live from the Line: My RV

I thought I’d make my first mobile post from my phone a photo of my own RV. Anyone care to share theirs? I’ve seen some crazy ones so I know they’re out there!

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