Pushing the Button

You like to push our button. I know you do. You do it all the time. You push it for a drink, something to eat, to ask a question, to hand us your trash, and when somethings wrong. You push it when you want us to tell the parent sitting in front of you to ask their child to calm down and when you want us to wake up your neighbor so you can use the restroom.

Lately, I’m noticing the strangest requests coming from people via the button, and some requests that make me want to scream. First off, realize that when you ring the call button, nose goes. No one really wants to go get it. We’re all sitting in the back or the front, we hear the ding.. someone leans over to check the ACP (area call panel) which shows us who hit the button. We then all look at each, figure our if we’ve already had an interaction with you – then, based on whether or not it was a good or bad interaction we try to decide who goes. As the most junior person walks down the aisle (just kidding!) we’re all peeking out to see whats going to happen.

The request that makes me the most upset is when I’m asked a question that I just gave the answer to over the P.A. It becomes obvious to us, even though we already know, that you’re not listening to us. So we answer your question and go on our way. In about 2 minutes, someone else will ring the button, and ask the same question. We become a never-ending broken record of information, which could be avoided if everyone just paid attention the first time.

Then there are those requests that we just can’t do. We can’t ask the person behind you to put their shoes on, or the person in front of you to bring their seat upright because you feel cramped and we especially can’t stop the baby from crying. Nothing is worse than having to talk to the parent of a child that is being too loud especially if you know they’re trying to calm the baby down. I refuse to.

I have a question. When you hit the button, you expect one of us to come by and ask whats going on, right? Becauselately, almost all of the call buttons I’ve been answering either no one knows who rang the button, everyone is watching a movie with their earphones in and pays no attention to me what so ever, or they just say “sorry it was an accident.” For your information, you can turn off the call button by hitting it again. I find so rude though when I go up to a passenger whose wearing earphones and rang the call button. I ask them if everything is okay, and they yell “WHAT?” – so I ask again.. “can I get you anything?” and they say “I can’t hear you.” People take OFF your headphones when you’re having a conversation with someone, especially someone you asked to speak to.

Also, like I mentioned on The Crew Lounge, don’t ring your call button during taxi, takeoff or landing unless its a dire emergency. Ringing it during the critical phases of flight for a fork for the food you brought in the terminal, something to eat or even to question our flight departure/arrival time is unacceptable. During those phases of flight we are there for your safety, positioned by the doors and readily accessible to assist in a medical emergency, and for no other purpose.

I love answering the call buttons for “what lake is that down there?” – my answer is always “Lake Las Vegas.” Even though we might be over Kansas, no one ever questions it.

Oh yeah, and don’t ring your call button to hand me a half eaten apple or a dirty diaper. Get up and throw those out yourself. Ew.


Please Fasten Your Seatbelts. Thanks.

Since I’m usually the purser, time and time again I catch myself repeating “The captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign, please return to your seats, fasten your seatbelts, and remain seated until it has been turned off.”
How many people actually hear me? All 150. How many people LISTEN to me? about 50.

It’s amazing to me the disregard the traveling public pays to the seatbelt sign. It’s almost as if they think we turn it on and off for no reason, to the point that it means nothing.

Let me give you a background on the seatbelt sign. According to the Federal Aviation Regulations (or FARs), which are the laws that govern airlines and airline passengers, when the seatbelt sign is on, you as a passenger are required to fasten your belt.

14 CFR 125.327

(2) The use of safety belts, including instructions on how to fasten and unfasten the safety belts. Each passenger shall be briefed on when, where, and under what conditions the safety belt must be fastened about him or her. This briefing shall include a statement that the Federal Aviation Regulations require passenger compliance with lighted passenger information signs and crewmember instructions concerning the use of safety belts.

14 CFR 121.317

(f) Each passenger required by §121.311(b) to occupy a seat or berth shall fasten his or her safety belt about him or her and keep it fastened while the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign is lighted.

Further, when I make the announcement to do so, and you continue to not comply, you have now broken another FAR which states you must obey all crew member instructions. The seatbelt sign is turned on for taxi, take-off, landing and when we are approaching or are currently hitting turbulent weather. These are all phases of flight in which you should not be standing.

When it comes to aircraft taxi, the FAA has imposed restrictions on when an aircraft is allowed to push back and move forward. If any passenger is out of his or her seat, the aircraft must stop and hold position. That passenger is now a safety risk to others and themseleves in the event that they fall.

For take-off and landing, this should be a no brainer. If it’s not safe for anyone to stand, including the flight attendants.

But when it comes to turbulence people seem not to care. I was flying from New York to San Francisco this past weekend when over the midwest we suddenly hit moderate to sever turbulence. I happened to the in the back of the cabin letting one of my other crewmembers eat in the front when it happened. The other FA and I grabbed onto our seats and held on. Orange juice was going everywhere, cups were falls, cans were rolling.. it was a mess for about 10 minutes. During this 10 minutes, 5 people tried to make their way to the bathroom. I couldn’t even stand up, I was shocked they were able to get that far. The FA and I, in unison screamed “go back sit down.” All listened but one. She came all the way to the back to have the other FA say “the seatbelt sign is on” and her response was: “it is?”

YES it is! For one, we weren’t screaming for the fun of it and secondly, did you not realize the struggle you had to keep your balance getting back here.. What are you thinking?!

There seems to be a big lack of understanding on the passengers end as to why we tell you to sit down and remind you over and over again that the seatbelt light is on. One reason is because we have to. It’s our job. We’re not doing it to be mean, or to keep people out of the galley, we have to do it. If there’s an FAA inspector onboard and he sees you get up with the seatbelt light on, and I don’t say anything, I can be fined. We also do it for your safety. If you get injured, guess who has to help you? We do! Even though we told you over and over, we still have to help you. You also pose a safety risk to those around you because in a situation like severe turbulence your body can become a projectile and you can be thrown around the cabin.

And lastly, one of my biggest pet peeves, when a flight attendant tells you “I just have to remind you, the seatbelt sign is on and please return to you seat” asking us “so I can’t go?” is going to get you no where. We are not allowed to give you permission to use the bathroom when the seatbelt sign is on. We cannot stop you from going, but we can’t tell you its ok to go. Why? Because then we’ve just opened up ourselves and the airline to liability. You were in the bathroom “because the flight attendant said I could go.”  Please do not get mad if you ask that question or say “i’ll be quick” and the flight attendant responds again with  “I just have to remind you, the seatbelt sign is on and please return to you seat”– because that’s all we’re allowed to say.

Now, I will be play devils advocate for a second and say yes, there are times when the seatbelt sign is on because the pilots may have forgotten to turn it off. However, as flight attendants, when it is on we have to obey it and remind everyone to do so as well. The flight attendants can (and I do) call the pilots to ask them if there is projected turbulence or if they simply forgot to turn it off. Then there are those times when the flight attendant requests the seatbelt sign to go on.  It happens very rarely but when there is a lot going on in the galley usually involving a medical emergency. By turning the sign on, you can enforce a sense of order in the cabin, if there might not already be.

One of my other pet peeves about the seatbelt sign comes when I make an announcement 40 minutes prior to landing, that the seatbelt sign will be coming on in 20 minutes as we start our decent. I tell everyone to standup, stretch, put stuff back into the overheads and use the bathroom now. Usually a lot of people do. But when the seatbelt sign comes on, don’t get up and tell me “oh I didn’t know” or ask “so I can’t go to the bathroom?” because I told you 20 minutes ago it was coming, you just chose not to listen to me.

In closing, just sit down. If the sign is on, its on for a reason. Hassling the flight attendants about how long its been on (especially if there has been turbulence and seems to be smooth now) it isn’t going to help fix the situation either because we can only remind you that its on, and ask you to comply. Please remember, if it is a true “emergency” situation, make sure you go to the bathroom.. but realize if you do get injured you are at your own risk because you’ve been reminded and asked for compliance by the crew.

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Holiday Travel Treats and Tips

Wow. For the last few holiday seasons I didn’t fly much. Prior to my current airline, I worked in the office during the holidays, and prior to that, at my first airline; I was in training for Thanksgiving and somehow got Christmas off. But, wow. People who haven’t flown since Carter was President are now in the skies and it’s scary.

I recently worked a trip in the main cabin— I know, I know — what was I thinking? It’s really like a circus sometimes.. literally. From Los Angeles to New York, my specialty, Winnie the Pooh joined us, and in a middle seat. I’m not kidding! I was working the back galley and all of a sudden I heard the call button going off non-stop. The Flight Attendant in the aisle was trying desperatly to get my attention. I go out to row 15 and the FA points.. and says.. have you met Winnie? Well, there she was.. a woman, in a middle seat, dressed as Winne the Pooh. She was fully dressed, hat with ears, full costume. I tried to sneak a real picture for you, but, it would give away what airline I work for – and violate my airlines blogging regulations — but this was a sight to see. She didn’t take it off the whole flight long.

On the same flight seated in the last row of the plane was a mother and her daughter. We’re taking the daughter is about 23 years old. The other flight attendant in the back with me, a female, noticed the hairclip that the mother was wearing, it was a metal sprig of holly. The FA mistook it for a missletoe and in her southern (Charlotte, NC) accent politely said “is that a missletoe in your hair?” to which the woman replied: “I don’t know, is it?” and proceeded to look up as if she would be able to see her own hair to decide if it was, truly, missletoe.

The next day, thinking we were out of the crazy woods, we met the king. About 4 hours into a 7 hour flight from New York to San Francisco this man comes to back.. throws his hands up in the air, much like Evita and began to proclaim, loudly: “economic crisis..economic crisis..economic crisis..” over and over. I finally asked him what he was talking about, and he said “no food for 4 hours! NO FOOD for 4 HOURS.” I politely told him that we had food onboard but it was for purchase. He again goes into his “economic crisis” speech, this time I cut him off. I explained, again, that food is available but you have to pay for it. He then tells me that he hasn’t flown in 5 years, and he can’t believe he had to pay to check a bag, pay for headphones, pay for food and pay for everything. Then he said “and even customer service went downhill.” So, my response was “okay, I need to go back to work.. go back to your seat.”

So, I went back to work.. turned around to pour a drink for a passenger and I felt a hand on my back.. slide all the way down to my backside.. I quickly turned around and it was that man again! I was LIVID. I yelled “EXCUSE ME.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” He said he was looking for food. The other FA said, “well you’re not going to find it there!” I again said, “go back to your seat.” This other passenger, at the same time he touched me, turned around to come to the back to use the restroom.. she comes up to me and says: “oh my god! I saw that! I saw him touch you! are you okay?” I laughed it off, said yes.. and said he was just a crazy old man. She turns around, goes back to her seat and pulls an apple out of her bag. She put it on the old man’s tray table and said “here. Now don’t get up again!” I LOVE her!

So, in true holiday spirit.. please keep the following tips in mind when traveling this holiday season:

1. Don’t touch the flight attendants.

2. Don’t caress the flight attendants.

3. Bring your own food, there might not be free food on board. In fact, other than snacks, no airline has “free food” other than Continental. Keep that in mind.

4. Remember that you are one of probably over 150 passengers and there is only 3 flight attendants. It’s going to take time for them to complete everyones requests.

5. Keeping the total amount of passengers in mind, don’t get upset if you ask the flight attendants for something and they forget, 6 more people asked us something after we talked to you.. we don’t usually walk around with note pads.

6. Again, don’t touch the flight attendants.

7. Saying “please” and “thank you” will get you everywhere. I reward good behavior.

8. Don’t dress like Winnie the Pooh

9. Remember: You cannot look up and see the back of your head.

10. Remember, we want to go home too. Delays aren’t the flight attendants fault.

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Dear 2D,

Hi. It’s me. Your gay flight attendant. I know you know I’m gay. The way you smile at every move I make and how you touch my hand every time I serve you a drink gave it away. Oh! and lets not forget how you told me you were gay as well.. when you bent down to read my name bar when I said “hello how are you?” as you walked on the airplane and you bent over to say “I’m good..[read name bar] Bobby. So…. Bobby, huh?”

Yep. That’s me. I’m so happy that you fell asleep right after takeoff because your awkward smile and slow talking was starting to creep me out. You know, I used to think getting hit on at all at work was flattering. I thought that it was nice someone noticed me, noticed that I do try to make myself look the best I can at work.. and someone genuinely found me attractive. But you… without even giving me/asking me for my number.. found a way to ruin that.

When you woke up 30 minutes prior to landing and headed to the bathroom I was faced with a dilemma. Do I act as if its to late to offer you a snack and something to drink, or do I be nice, and offer you a drink and something to eat since you slept since take off?

Being the professional, nice, flight attendant that I am, I offered you a drink and a snack as you exited the lav. I brought you your diet coke and bag of pretzels at the same moment you wrapped your blanket over your shoulders like a cape and reached your arms out flexing your hands like a baby would to a bottle .. almost as to say “gimme gimme!” I dropped off the diet coke and bag and you again make it obvious to look at my name bar and again read “thanks…Bobby.” It was at this moment I realized that you were just a creepy old man in a business suit.

You have no chance, there is no hope, and there is no way I would ever even consider spending time with you.

For one, I’m not looking, and, if that weren’t the case, the answer is still no. You need to learn how to better flirt with those you’re interested in, the manner in which you’re currently attempting to do so may result in you ending up in prison.

Lastly, for the record, I did hear you tell 2F you thought I was “good enough for a one night stand..and then.. we’ll see” after I put your drink on your tray table and walked away without any further interaction following your mini-tantrum trying to grab your food/drink.



Your Flight Attendant.

Aborted Normality

I was on day 2 of 4, working Seattle to Los Angeles, back to Seattle, then once again, back to Los Angeles. I was flying with a crew that I knew but haven’t flown with before. I actually did one of their IOEs a year ago. Having that faith in her really came in handy.

We were getting ready to land as usual in Seattle from LA, nothing was out of the ordinary. Suddenly, we hit moderate to sever turbulence on our final decent. The aircraft was banking left, right, up, down, the tail was swinging as the front turned.. it was a very rough ride. The looks on the passengers faces in first class was a look of nervousness.

The landing gear came down, and the flight attendants received our two minute warning. I took my jumpseat, content as usual – knowing that all of my safety checks were done correctly and my cabin crew was seated. Thank god.

As we started our short final, things got hectic. The aircraft hit wind shear and we were again experiencing moderate to sever turbulence. As we got closer to the airport, I began to see the lights from the runway, I knew this was going to be a rough landing. Seconds before the aircraft would have been fully on the ground, wind shear again. Both pilots, in unison, decided to abort the landing. I expected it. I was prepping myself for an emergency had we landed. Yes, it was that bad. We had actually touched our main landing gear to the runway, and the wind shear then blew us off the runway onto the grass.

As we shot back to the skies like a rocket, and the airplane was making noises airplanes shouldn’t make.. I sat there.. smiling. 1A was having a panic attack. She kept screaming “its not safe to land” “its not safe to land” to which I screamed over the bulkhead “we’re not landing!”

Finally, after stabilizing our altitude the Captain came on the PA to address the passengers.

As you can see, Seattle is a little windy tonight. We didn’t feel comfortable putting the plane on the ground in that wind… so we’re going to go around.. take another look at it.. and it’s safe.. we’re going to land. If not.. we’ll worry about that when it happens — but air traffic control is saying it should be okay.

Then my phone rang. The Captain explained to me what had happened.. the main landing gear had touched the runway and the wind sheer blew us off course, and off the runway. We were going around, the landing should be normal and fine and if I had any questions. I didn’t.

I then called to the back to make sure the other FAs were holding up okay and heard the information the Captain announced over the P.A. They both said they were doing fine, the passengers seemed okay, and they were enjoying the ride.

As I hung up the phone the passenger in 1F looked over at me and mouthed “we’re going to be okay, right?” I said, yes. Though, reviewing my commands and prepping myself for the worst I too wanted to hear everything was going to be okay.

fpAs we started on our go around.. and went back through the turbulence to line up to land, again, I started to watch the people in first class become friends with each other, pray, and some began to cry.

After a few minutes we received the signal from the flight deck to take our seats and prepare for landing. We never stood up, anyway, it was entirely too bumpy and unsafe, so we were ready.

As began our decent we hit the same wind, rain and wind shear we did the first time, making me feel uncomfortable about a second attempt at landing. The passengers were beginning to cry louder and hold hands. Finally, the landing gear was deployed again and we were going to give it another shot. We landed, safely. And it was the smoothest landing I’ve had in a long time.

Trying to make light of the situation, and reassure everyone that they’re okay and the aircraft is still in tact, I get on the PA and said “well……..welcome to Seattle” and closed it by saying “We hope you’ve enjoyed your experience with us today.. and we look forward to seeing you soon!” As the passengers were getting off the plane each and every one of them stopped to say thank you to me and the flight deck. Some said “thanks” some said “thanks for saving my life” and some walked right past us without saying a word.

I looked to the back of the cabin and saw that were was 2 pax still in their seats. So I went to back to the back and there was an elderly woman, probably in her late 60’s who was visibly shaken up. She was crying, shaking and didn’t want to move. I had one of the other FAs grab me a bottle of water and told her I would be bring her bag to the front so that whenever she was ready, she could walk to the front. Once I got to the front of the aircraft I also had ground support order her a wheel chair.

I look over, across the aisle from this woman, and there was another woman, this one was laying on the floor. I asked her the same thing, got her some water and the other FA moved her bags to the front. I kept telling both of them “its okay, we’re on the ground now.. everything is fine.” For some reason I didn’t think they believed me.

As the elderly woman walked off the aircraft she did get in the wheelchair. She was feeling weak in her knees and didn’t want to walk.

After the passengers were all gone the Captain came out of the flight deck for a debriefing. That’s when we were told about how we were blown off the runway, and how the decision was made to go around. He then asked us if were okay or if we had any questions. None of us had any.. we were all pretty calm because we never got up out of our seats.

In retrospect, we should have done a quick walk through to make sure everyone was okay, but I really don’t think it was safe enough.

Anyway, a few minutes after our debriefing .. one of the gate agents comes down to the aircraft and said “Are you ready to board?”

And that quickly you have to forget about what just happened, could have happened and might happen.. put the fake smile back on your face and work one more flight before going to bed.


The Senior Citizen Express

One thing I can say about my job is to expect the unexpected. Every day brings something new that I haven’t experienced, heard or seen. This last four day trip brought out many new experiences.

Day three, the fun started. We arrived on the aircraft ontime and began our checks when the gate agent came onto the plane and asked me if it was okay if we boarded early. This particular agent has been with the company just as long as I have, so I laughed and reminded him that I board early, in a joking way of course. He then told me that we had a group of 40+ senior citizens traveling with us to Washington D.C. and he wanted some extra time for them to board and settled. Of course, I agreed.

We began boarding 40 minutes prior to departure and the first passenger to board went straight to the bathroom in First Class. The remaining members of the group took their time boarding, but hey — thats what we expected. During the boarding process this woman comes to the front  and starts passing clothing into the restroom and then returning to the main cabin. This happened twice. Finally, she comes up to me with a plastic bag and says “this needs to be taken off the aircraft.” Before touching it and looking as confused as puppy looking for his bone, I asked “what’s in it?” and her response: “soiled clothing.”

It seemed as if the woman in the restroom had an accident. Her daughter kept trying to clean her clothes and pass them back to her in the lav. The problem: her extra clothing was in the cargo hold.

One of the FAs in the back calls me and says “a lady just tried to pass me this bag which is leaking something, and told me it has to get off the aircraft. It got on my uniform, and I sent her forward with it.” I then told her what the substance in the bag was and she quickly went into the lav and changed her uniform. The woman gets to the front of the aircraft with her second bag of soiled clothing, which was taken off the aircraft.

Finally, her mother exits the bathroom and the First Officer opens the door to go in prior to take off and we found the lav covered in.. for lack of a better word.. crap. It was all over the walls, mirror, floor, etc. I instantly called for the cleaners to return to clean the lav and just as I did that the daughter came up to me with tears in her eyes. She was embarrassed. She attempted twice to enter the lav to clean it herself and I assured her it was no big deal, these things happen, theres no need to clean — we have people coming who are paid to do this (and make a lot more money than me I hope) and all would be taken care of. She gave me a hug and said “this is the worst way to start out a trip.” I asked her if she needed anything, she jokingly said “a bloody mary” I opened the cart and made her one. At the same time, one of the other FAs brought her mother a blanket to wrap around her waist to hide the stains, since her clothes were unattainable.

About 2 hours into the flight, the mother, came to the front galley and wanted to apologize for what happened on the ground. Again, I explained that it wasn’t a big deal. Accidents happen, and life goes on. We all will be there one day. Then she totally broke my heart by saying: “You know, I’m turning 90 in March. I’m trying to stay as active as I can to keep my body in shape and prevent situations like this morning. I figure, I have 4 more years to live and I’m not done living. I’m not ready to give up.”

I responded by saying that she looked great for 89, because she did. One of the other FAs there with me put it perfectly by saying “you must feel like a young soul in an aging vessel” and she agreed 100%. All was said and done, she thanked us again and said she thought our airline only hired the best looking people.. and of course.. I agreed.

Aside from this, bathroom situation, at NO POINT during the flight was there ever less than 6 people in line to use the restrooms in the main cabin. It made service almost impossible, actually, we did a lot of service from my galley in the front and even let main cabin passengers use the lav in the front. I was watching the “water/waste” indicator on the crew panel more closely then I pay attention to Kathy Griffin’s Tour schedule. The indicator was getting lower and lower and my nerves were getting higher and higher. Where were all these senior citizens going to pee?

Luckily, with 10 minutes to spare.. we landed in D.C. with 1.4% of the waste tank available.


From LA to New York

For the last two months when putting in my bids, I’ve been trying to avoid JFK and I succeeded. However, the trips at the end of September and all of October that I usually like to bid no longer exist. Almost all the four-day commutable trips go to JFK once. Honestly, its kind of expected, I work for a growing airline with limited destinations.

However, with flying to JFK comes working the dreaded Los Angeles – New York flights. Those flights seem to boast the most needy, demanding, and rudest people on planet earth. Of course not all of them are that way, but most are. In my first year at my current airline, its all I flew, and honestly, I got burnt out. But, I just worked my first LA-NY flight in 2 months and I was re-initiated into the club.

It started off as a good morning, I had plenty of sleep, I woke up refreshed and rejuvenated and I was ready to fly. Once we started boarding, I knew we had a problem.

This woman came on board and instantly made a comment about our lighting, saying it wasn’t bright enough. She couldn’t seem to understand why the cabin wasn’t fully lite with white lights. I explained to her that the lights were on as high as they could go, but she should feel free to leave her window open and reading lights on to help brighten up her area.

We took off and it came time to take orders for lunch in First class, then it happened, all hell broke loose.

We have a company policy that states when flying from the West to the East you take orders from 1A to the end of the F/C cabin, then when flying from East to the West you reverse it and take orders from the last seat to the first seat. So, I followed procedure and when I got to the last seat, I found the lady with the lighting issue.

So, nicely, I asked if I could get her something to drink and then I said something I hate saying but it has to be done:

The only option from First class that I have left is the Pork entree. Unfortunately, the vegetarian option has already been selected by other passengers. However, if the Pork isn’t okay for you, I can glady get you an option from the main cabin.

Her response was simply “No.”

So I responded with “No?” And she started screaming:

No. I don’t want the Pork and No, I don’t want anything from the coach. I’m in First Class and I want a first class meal. Tell someone else that you ran out of the veggie entre, why does it have to be me?

So explained to her the process of taking orders and the fact that we don’t have 2 of each meal per passenger to choose from because that would be a waste. She again asked me to tell someone else they were out because she flew on my airline over American because she heard so much about our food. I told her that I wouldn’t be able to tell other people that I ran out, because she was speaking so loudly that the rest of the passengers overheard what she wants me to do. I thought I’d comprise and said that I would go ask the other passengers who selected the vegetarian option if they would consider switching, but made no guarantee that it would make the entre available.

Of course, no one switched. They shouldn’t have to, either. I don’t blame them.

So, I went back to her and said

I apologize. I asked the other passengers if they would switch their option and they all declined. So, once again, I can get you the Pork entre or one of the vegetarian options from main cabin, and, should Pork be the problem and Chicken is okay,  the appetizer I have is Chicken.

Then, I got the typical LA-NY response, that I should have expected: Was the chicken raised with hormones?

Okay, now I realize I’m about to lose my cool. But she beat me to it. She started screaming again that she was in First class, wanted a First class meal, she  felt it was RUDE that I offered her the veggie option then took it away, she thought she was dreaming, she said she never received such rude service. So I responded that I was done with this situation and should she need anything, please ring the call button.

I continued my First Class service and passed out the appetizers. After 20 minutes, I got a call button. Guess who? She called me over and said that I was discriminating against her now, because we didn’t get along, and that’s why I didn’t serve her an appetizer. I told her that I already offered it to her, and she declined because I couldn’t tell if the chicken was raised with hormones. She said she NEVER said she’d pass on it, and she wants it. I told her “no problem, It’ll be right out.”

About 30 minutes after she got the appetizer, “DING.” It’s her again.

I never eat Pork, but I’m so hungry, I guess I’ll take it. I can’t believe you personally tried to starve me and deny me food by not getting me the veggie option, but I’ll take the Pork.I also want your contact information and place to send a letter about how you treated me.

So, I sucked it up, without telling her “you’re F****G ridiculous!” and served her the Pork. She ate, EVERY last piece. Seriously. (I have pictures.)

The passenger in 1F (seated in front of this crazy woman) gets up to use the restroom. She comes into the galley and says “what the hell is her problem?” I apologized for her having to hear me argue with this lady, and she said it was fine. She said it was kind of comical for the passengers in Row 1. I mentioned to her how this passenger just requested my information to send a bad letter about me to the company. She was shocked. Shocked that this woman could be so unreasonable. She grabbed my pen, and wrote down her email on a business card of mine. She told me that if she tried to mess with me, and if I received a letter about today’s flight to contact her, and she would send a positive letter on my behalf. Thank you Melissa Rivers. You are such an AWESOME woman and you were pleasure to have on my flight! Thank you for your support! 🙂

Finally, as the woman with the issue left the aircraft in New York she said “thanks, hun, you’ve been so sweet.” I didn’t know what to think about this! You gave me such an issue the whole flight long, and now you’re trying to be nice? Buh bye now!

Edited on 9/24 to add: Melissa has read and responded to this blog on twitter:

MelRivers: I am following u because of: http://bit.ly/poE1G Glad I could help. That woman was nuts. Xo

and my readers (and friends on twitter) responded supporting Melissa by following her on twitter which prompted her to respond with:

MelRivers: Thanks to all my new f/a followers. People don’t get how hard your job can be. Xo

Like I said above, she’s truly one of the most down to earth, fun and real celebrities I’ve ever met. Thanks again! Hopefully, I won’t have to email you and request that letter and that lady will just keep living her life in her own little bubble.