Up Up & Moving Away!

Well everyone, that time has come. The time has come to move my blog off WordPress.com and host it, myself.

Hosting this blog on my own allows me to control part of the monetary costs of keeping this blog up and running and gives me a little more creative freedom. WordPress.com charges me $15 a year for the domain name, but gives me no flexibility to use subdomains, change the email server settings, etc.. and then, charges me $10 a year to edit the colors and styles of the WordPress theme used on my blog, but doesn’t allow me to import any theme I’d like and only lets me use the ones they’ve already uploaded.

So, I’m moving! I’ve already got the new blog up and running but I’m waiting for the transfer of UpUpAndAGay.com to be complete. Please continue to visit the blog through that website address, because that’s NOT changing. Once the transfer of the domain to my new server is complete, you’ll automatically be viewing my new self-hosted blog. Though my domain is staying the same, for some of you my feed may not be and I want to make sure you’re moving with me. Please update or subscribe to my RSS feed by visiting http://feeds.feedburner.com/upupandagay. Some of you already subscribe to my feed through this location (and if you do, thats great! leave everything the same!), and some of you follow me through WordPress.com’s feed which will be changing. If you subscribe to the blog via email, that’s great too! Click the link above, and you can confirm that you’re receiving your emails from the right location.

I predict that the domain transfer will be complete on February 17th, but that is out of my hands and subject to change. I’m hoping this will be a seamless transition on your end and not cause any downtime for my blog!

Thanks Everyone!


3 Responses

  1. Congrats on the move! I know you will LOVE your new home on the web! Keep the posts coming, I love them!

  2. THE.BEST.DECISION.YOU’LL.MAKE regarding your blog. Although I would like to see how you will cash in… Maybe a DM for that would be more appropriate

  3. Hey, I wanted to share my new post about LGBT-friendly-community with you.
    I believe that the higher the organization’s leaders’ Empathy and Personal Relationships EQ scores, the better their chances are to be more open-minded, acceptive, and better relate to others, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and believes system. The more likely the company is to feel respect for people who are considered “different” by the majority. The higher the likelihood of the business to take initiatives to become more active and visible in the LGBT-community.
    I’d appreciate your feedback.

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