Live from the Line: It’s all up in the Air

So I’m in Seattle right now and was supposed to work to Los Angeles and then onto Washington DC tomorrow. But, that’s not happening anymore.

Thanks to the storm on the left, my schedule is up in the air, literally. My LAX DC flight is canceled so now I’m waiting for a re-assignment.

Who knows where I can end up.. I’m hoping to just work to LA, layover, then deadhead to DC to pick up the rest of my trip. Let’s hope that happens. Less work + same pay = Happy FA đŸ˜‰


2 Responses

  1. Cancellation pay is a good thing. Two friends of mine just had all their flying for the next two days canceled.

    • It’s so nice! Luckily as a line holder, I get paid as if i flew the flight even though I didn’t.

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